When one speaks of food, everyone loves their own favorite cuisine. It is like heaven when you get to eat your most favorite exotic dish cooked at its best isn’t it? The credibility of such delicious dishes goes to the cook.

When one talks about a cook, it doesn’t necessarily mean the professional ones; even our mothers who cook food at home are cooks. Now, here comes the stereotype. Do only moms cook food at home? Obviously not, there are many dads who cook food at home; even a lot of young boys cook too. Check out this study at TTIME magazine:

The Cooking stereo type


People are not used to seeing men cooking. They sometimes even think of men who cook as gay. They say that men who love cooking have less or even zero male instincts in them. But why is this stereotype? What makes a man who cooks gay?

According to the customs of the society, women are the ones who should cook the food and serve it to the family. Men can sometimes show their masculinity by never even entering the kitchen. This is true not just for eastern cultures but for the western cultures too. Since time immemorial, cooking has been women’s piece of cake. As for Indians, where even the God of Food Annapurna is a female, it is not very surprising to have such a stereotype. Even the television commercials are feminine. You will see females in every commercial which is related to cooking.

CookingIt is likely because you grew up watching your mom working in the kitchen. We have been taught from childhood by our parents that it is a girl or a woman’s job to cook and for the ones who choose cooking as a profession, people don’t even doubt to call them gay. The reason may be that many of the professional cooks are gay in actual life. But this doesn’t mean everyone in that profession is a gay, it will be utterly moronic to think of others as gay too.
Are they really gay? It is actually a naive question to ask for a full-grown sensitive man. Of course cooking doesn’t make you gay at all. There is nothing gay about it; whether you do home cooking or do it as a profession. How can a profession say if you are gay? How can your passion for cooking make you effeminate? It is true that men who love cooking can be soft-hearted, or are very tender or sensitive, but that doesn’t mean they are gay. In fact, surveys say women are attracted to men who can cook. It is very normal for a person to have a desire to cook. A good foodie will always wonder about the recipe and it is natural if he wants to cook the recipe himself. But for some people in this world it might be sinful to have such a desire.

There are a lot of boys who love to cook but they had to bury their passion in their heart because of the stereotypes that friends will call them gay. It is not equitable for humans to judge others on the grounds of their passion and work. They should respect each other’s passion and profession.