Research carried out on bearded men by the University of Southern Queensland has seemed to reflect that the practice of having beards contributes to the enhancement and growth of health within the male population. The research activity claimed that facial hair growth potentially contributes to the absorption of the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. This fact potentially helps to enhance the health of men through a dual process of the slowing down of skin aging and also through a reduction of chances for the emergence of epidemics like skin cancer. Beards tends to reflect that they generate around 90 to 95 percent protection to facial skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Inferences gained from both male and women respondents relating to a survey reflected higher ratings pertaining to the parameters of healthiness and increased parenting ability for men having fully bearded faces.

The growth of heavy beards on the faces of the male population is also observed to generate increased protection from the emergence of asthma attacks generated by allergens like pollen or dust particles. Again the growth of beards around the neck and chin area of the faces contributes in keeping warm and thus prevents the emergence of coughs and colds.

Finally the reduction in the amount of shaving activity for men also protects the facial skin from different types of skin rashes. The above facts thus reflect that beards are indeed a healthy option for men.

Beards in Making Men Attractive


A study on human behavior based on the use of a survey has reflected that women consider bearded men to be more attractive compared to cleanly shaven males. Having stubble or a beard tends to project the features of masculinity and attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. Photographs of men showing a range of beards ranging from heavy to light stubble and from full bearded to cleanly shaven presented to women reflected that women are more interested with the heavy stubble male faces than others. Further to this, women in their menstrual periods are have been observed to range the rate of masculinity in men depending on the growth of their facial hair in a linear fashion. The findings related to the survey activity further reinstated that male faces that have an intermediary amount of facial hair tended to be the most attractive ones.

On the other hand males that are fully bearded are observed by the respondents to be effective fathers. These people are considered to provide greater potentials in not only bearing offspring but also in rearing and bringing up the children. This sense of responsibility relating to the fully bearded man tends to enhance the level of attraction for them in the eyes of women. The sense of attractiveness related to bearded men can also be observed related to the incident that career opportunities tend to increase for the male population who have beards. Effectively styled bearded men tend to get increased chances of being selected in a job interview than fully shaven men.