Advice for Avoid Airbnb Nightmares

Airbnb has become one of the most popular, alternative ways of booking accommodation. The online market place, where users can list their own property, search for others, and make bookings on accommodations located pretty much anywhere in the world, has revolutionized the holiday rental market and given holidaymakers and business travellers, a whole new way to find a place to stay that’s great value for money, and often much more livable than a hotel.

With users being provided the option to list their own properties, many people have been able to leverage additional houses, apartments, and even extra rooms, to make extra income. And in some cases, accommodation in great locations that are in high demand stand to make a great deal of money.

Although there are many benefits of listing your accommodation on Airbnb, there are of course some risks involved, and whilst most transactions go without a hitch, when problems occur they aren’t always the easiest to solve.

Fortunately Airbnb does offer some forms of protection, and there are measures you can take to minimize the changes of experiencing an Airbnb nightmare.

Tips For Avoiding Airbnb Disasters

Don’t Keep Personal Or Expensive Items in the Property

There’s always a risk that your Airbnb guests will damage something or leave the place in a state. For this reason be sure to store anything you value out of the reach of guests. It’s worth making sure that your furniture is easy to clean, and durable as the regular maintenance can be time consuming and costly.

Filter Your GuestsFilter Your Guests

Airbnb allows you to set house rules, and Verify ID’s of potential guest in order to make sure they are right for you. Remember that you can’t discriminate against people for their sexual preference, but you do have control over who is able to rent your place.

Communicate Via Airbnb Only

Be sure to keep all correspondence to the Airbnb website, otherwise you’ll be at risk of revealing sensitive personal data.

Solve Disputes Diplomatically

If a dispute does occur, then try your best to solve the issue diplomatically through the Resolution Center. Guests will rate your accommodation, and leave reviews for others to read, so it’s important to keep your customers happy to ensure continued bookings.

Airbnb Management CompanyHire a Professional Airbnb Management Company

The best way to avoid Airbnb mishaps is to have an expert take care of the whole transaction. Airbnb management agencies with a good reputation will have all the experience needed to foresee, and even deal with the unforeseeable, without putting the stress on you. If you’re located in Sydney and are looking to rent out your home the City Sleepz holiday property management comes highly recommended a