Big Days a Florist shouldn’t Miss

If you’re considering becoming a florist it’s a good idea to ponder which markets you hope to service. Florists are always in demand, but there are some peak times throughout the year, and if you think Christmas or mid-February are good times to close shop you’d better think again.

This industry can be great fun but make no mistake, there is a lot of work involved. Flowers are an all-year-round sellable item. If you want to make a success of your business you must be prepared to put in a lot of hours.

Here are a few of the big occasions when a florist really starts to hear the till register sing:

valentine's day Valentine’s Day – Obviously this the Holy Grail of events for a florist. The demand on many occasions outstrips supply and no one in the industry, well no right-thinking business owner, will be closed on the run-up to this day. Great profits can be made but it’s only relative to the work put in. Many customers want specialist delivery, and that needs to be on time. It’s not unusual for florists to hire extra staff and delivery drivers for this period.  

Memorial Days – ANZAC Day or Remembrance Sunday or a host of other memorials are busy times for florists. The purchases tend to be rather uniform which makes the job a bit easier if not a bit repetitive, but the numbers can overwhelm some business owners, especially those in large urban areas.

Christmas – While most of the country is enjoying the holidays for many florists it will be business as usual. In fact, it may be more than business as usual. Christmas can be a very hectic time and the decision to shut shop and join in the festive cheer could be a costly one.

floristNew Year – Maybe you’ll get a few days off between Christmas and New Year, but by the time the 30th rolls around there will be guaranteed orders flooding in. New Year might not be one of the biggest flower buying occasions but it is becoming an increasingly popular purchase at this time of year so it’s a good idea to stay open throughout.

Mothers’ Day – We started with a big one and we’ll finish with a big one. Any florist worth their salt will tell you this is a day to prepare for. It has become an event synonymous with flowers and any self-respecting son or daughter will dash to their nearest florist shop in the few days beforehand. Don’t get caught out. Be well stocked and also be prepared to have beautiful flowers delivered to your client’s homes. You will get many requests for specialist bouquets with handwritten cards, so having luxury paper and someone with smooth writing is a must.

The feelgood factor involved in delivering these gifts can really make all the work worthwhile. There are few industries where delivery will be so well received.

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