concrete flooring

Concrete Flooring has a New Image

It used to be the case that concrete conjured up the thought of sidewalks and warehouse floors but that really is no longer the case. Concrete flooring has really grown in popularity over the years and there are a great many reasons for this. You have so many options with concrete that the traditional idea of cold, drab, grey flooring has become pushed aside in the general public’s opinion. So why has it become such a go-to flooring material in recent times and what are its benefits?


Concrete works in so many situations. Whether it’s in the home, office environment, shops, schools or restaurants it is suitable for everywhere. This makes it a good choice for people when there is a possibility that the purpose of a building or room may change and also, given that most floors are concrete filled and then have a thin layer of another material fitted on top, any concrete floor can be easily converted to anything else at a later date.

Long Lasting

Concrete can last almost indefinitely. It is incredibly hard wearing even when subject to high levels of traffic and so it will prove to be an investment. There is very little maintenance necessary with concrete floors and unless they receive very heavy impacts which could potentially cause chips there should be no need to do much to look after it. The only necessary task should be resealing periodically to replenish the protective coat on its surface. In addition to this, concrete does not stain and is very easy to clean so should look as good as new for years to come.


It is quite commoinexpensiven in life to find that the things which provide lots of benefits tend to be expensive. However, concrete certainly isn’t. In fact it is one of the cheapest flooring options you can possibly get. It is also quite simple to install and can be done so quickly as such if you are renovating a room or just changing your flooring you can have a new look and feel at a low cost in next to no time.

Weather Resistant

Long LastingIf you live in a location which experiences sand or dust blowing or being brought into the property regularly or experience a lot of snow then concrete is a great type of flooring to use. It won’t stain and unlike carpet or wood it will be a simple case of mopping or brushing up afterwards. Other types of flooring can end up with different materials being worked into them over time and build up to the point where they are hard to remove. Because concrete is sealed things such as sand, mud and snow will simply sit on the surface.


Concrete can be given so many different types of finishes that you could conceivably use concrete in every room of a property and have a completely different look in each one. It can easily be coloured in a wide variety of hues and can be treated to appear like stonework such as marble, highly polished and so appearing translucent or even given a wood effect. If you want something with a bit more of a pattern worked into it, decorative flooring can provide this through contractors such as Absolute Resurfacing who can mix an acrylic resin with the concrete to produce a stylish look to your flooring.