Construction Companies

What Construction Companies Look for on your Resume 

Getting a job is one of the biggest headaches and sources of stress in our lives and it can feel as though the world is aligned against you.  The construction industry is booming all across the world as governments are trying to cope with housing shortages amongst other concerns and as such construction companies are normally hiring in some capacity.  This should not, however, lead you to assume they will simply hire anyone, construction workers may be in demand, but they also work in what is a potentially very dangerous environment.  As such, when applying for a construction job, a well-written construction resume is vitally important, and here are a few of the things that employers have been looking out for.

team playerA team player

Working on a construction site is going to mean that you are working as part of a small team within a network of larger teams and as such team working skills are essential.  It is a simple fact that team players help everyone get on with the task at hand and by working together the job gets done that much faster and hopefully to a higher standard.

An effective communicator

This one goes hand in hand with teamwork, if you cannot communicate effectively then it doesn’t matter how well you work with others, things aren’t going to run smoothly.  There are many technical aspects to construction that need to be handled properly and if you are unable to communicate well with your colleagues then mistakes are going to happen and when they do report them will also be a challenge for effective communication skills.  This is an absolutely essential quality.

Having a great attitude is definitely key to being hired in just about every job, and the same applies here.  It is baffling how many people turn up to interviews with sulky and sullen attitudes and then wonder why they weren’t successful.  You need to present the best version of yourself to employers, both in person and in your resume, because if that resume doesn’t portray the kind of attitude that employers are looking for, they aren’t going to interview you to give you a second chance.

One that you see on nearly every resume, yet one that is rarely expanded upon.  Time management skills should not be a simply throw away buzz phrase, it is something you should mean.  When you put this on your resume, back it up with a brief example of two to show that you aren’t simply putting down what you think the employer wants to hear.

These four things might sound pretty generic, but they are some of the things construction managers have reported they look for when hiring their staff.  Now writing a resume that includes all of this and more can be a very daunting task for some, and that’s perfectly natural.  Having a go and then getting people that know you to read and reread it can help you refine your approach, but if you are really struggling, or would like a professional to have a look as well, then contact a company and see how much they can help you improve your resume.