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De-Cluttering Your Home and Hiring a Small Skip Bin

Is your house in need of a good spring clean? Perhaps you’re starting to feel as though your home has become more and more cluttered recently, with crap that you don’t need and definitely don’t want. Then it’s high time that you hired a small skip bin and you did a massive clear out. Not only will this be great in terms of creating more space in your home, rendering it far easier to clean, but it will also feel like a mental clear out by the end of it, as a de-cluttered home means a de-cluttered mind.

hire skip bin

Skip Bin Hire Comparison

So, where to begin? Well, first things first you need to get onto a skip hire comparison website so that you can take a look at a number of reputable skip hire companies in order to find the most suitable and affordable business for you.

Opt for a Smaller Bin

When it comes to de-cluttering your home, you shouldn’t need the largest skip available, to be honest, you can get away with something between 2-3m. Really, it depends on how many rooms you have to get through and how much rubbish you actually have. Our advice would be to get in touch with a few skip bin hire companies and see what they come back with as well.

Be Mindful of What Waste You Put In

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Another very important aspect that you must consider before going ahead, is the type of waste that you’re allowed to put in your skip bin. Once you’re in the swing of it, sometimes it’s easy to get careless and just start throwing any old thing in the skip and it’s very important that you be mindful. You could end up looking at a rather large fine, and in most cases, the skip bin hire company will refuse to remove the skip altogether, or at least, until the contaminant has been removed and safely disposed of.

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Don’t Overfill

And whilst on the subject of skip bin hire companies refusing to remove your waste, the same applies to those who have overfilled their skip bins. You must be aware of how much you can put in and be certain not to go over the line. If you’re not sure about how much waste you’re going to have, then its always best to go a size bigger than you first thought, just in case, – if you’re worried about the space going to waste, you’ll certainly be able to ask a neighbour if they wanted to use up a bit of space, someone will always have something to throw away!

Understand that it’s not the skip bin hire companies trying to be difficult for the sake of it. It’s simply a matter of legality and how much weight you can carry on the roads. So, do yourself a favour and just make sure that you’re aware of the T’s & C’s when hiring a skip bin and you should encounter any problems at all!