Energy Saving Tips to Keep Those Utility Bills Down in 2022

While it’s always been good to be conscious of your energy consumption at home, today it has never been more important. Not only are energy bills forever on the rise, serving as the cause of much anxiety of the average household, but people are becoming more aware of the dangers of global warming. As such, if you are keen to save some money each month while simultaneously reducing the size of your carbon footprint, this is the article for you. We’re going to share some energy saving tips to keep those utility bills down in 2022. 

1 – Do full laundry loads (though not too full) 

Running a half-load setting doesn’t save all that much in the way of energy so it always much more energy efficient to do a full load. That way, you can do fewer washes, with more clothing in each batch. 

Another important note is to be more conservative with the clothes that you are putting in the wash. Yes, underwear and socks should be washed after one use, but does every t-shirt and top need to be thrown into the wash immediately after only being worn the once? 

2 – Use the eco-setting on all appliances (if applicable) 

Most modern appliances will have an eco-setting of some sort and now is the perfect time to use them! Your boiler will certainly heat water slowly in comparison to a standard setting, however, you will get the same result and it will save you some money in the process. 

3 – No more stand-by mode: switch everything off at the plug 

Unless they are switched off at the plug, most appliances such as your TV for example, will continue to use energy. This is because they are in standby mode and the average household in the UK loses some £35 a year to this (which is likely to increase significantly due to the recent hikes in energy prices). It might not sound like much, but getting into the habit of switching everything off at the plug when not in use can save you an awful lot. 

4 – Swap old lightbulbs for LEDs 

If you haven’t yet switched to LED bulbs, now is the time. Traditional light bulbs are terribly inefficient – not to mention the fact that they don’t last very long. Instead, upgrade all of your bulbs to LEDs for a better colour temperature and smarter energy consumption. 

5 – Use your microwave in favour of the gas stove 

While heating up and preparing food on the stove is much better, using the microwave is cheaper. As such, for the time-being at least, it’s worth favouring the microwave instead. 

6 – Stop overcharging your devices 

Make sure that you and everyone else in your household gets into the habit of unplugging your chargers! Once a device is fully charged, switch it off at the mains. In the UK alone, over £135-million a year is wasted on overcharging mobile phones

7 – Regulate your window coverings 

Keep your curtains wide open in the day to allow natural sunlight and warmth in and then close them tight of an evening to retain that heat. 

Additionally, while on the subject of windows, go around your home and inspect all of your window and door frames for any cracks and gaps. Sealing this is an effective way of retaining heat, thus keeping your costs down. 

8 – Wash the dishes manually 

It may be tempting to load up that dish washer and save you the effort, but washing your dishes manually is a great way to save on your energy bills. Just get into the habit of filling the sink with hot soapy water and then plugging it before you start – rather than keeping the tap running. 

This could also be a great way of punishing repeat offenders in your house for leaving lights on and making other lazy, costly mistakes. 

9 – Air-dry your laundry 

Avoid your tumble dryer at all costs. Yes, it’s faster and far more efficient – plus putting a sweater on when it’s fresh out of the tumble is a wonderful feeling, however, it’s expensive. Instead, get into the habit of hanging washing out on cool and windy days. 

10 – Service your boiler 

Make sure that you book your boiler in for its annual service. Having it thoroughly inspected for any minor issues is a great way to prevent any potential breakdowns during the winter months. Not only that, but spotting any problems can also ensure that your boiler works as efficiently as possible – thus costing you less in energy consumption. 

When having your boiler serviced, only use a professional plumbing service such as 0800 HomeFix in Richmond Upon Thames. So you have peace of mind the job has been done properly. 

We hope you find these energy saving tips useful and they save you some money along the way.