Event Planning Must-Consider’s 

Just the thought of planning an event could be a little intimidating. There are many things to consider and forecasting what would be needed is very important. All the details can be overwhelming.

Here are some things that are worth considering when planning an event:  

  1. Firstly, find out what kind of event it is going to be. Is it a formal one or a casual one? A conference, a wedding and a company party will require totally different planning, so make sure the right kind of event is set before going further. 
  2. Who and how many people are going to be invited? This will help determine the size of the place where the event will be held at. 
  3. Determine the place, date and time. This will help approximately when invitations should be given out. Make sure to leave ample time for invitation card printing and postage in the case they are needed.  
  4. What equipment will be needed? Will sounds and lights be needed? Projectors, pens and paper? Most events will need basic microphones, tables and chairs. Make sure to think about other things that might be required such as music and presentations. 
  5. Determine how many staff will be needed to keep the event running smoothly. (The size of the event will help determine how many people will be needed). All staff must be briefed on their specific tasks, where to stand and what equipment they are in charge of. 
  6. Will the event require food and beverages for the guests? Some events provide coffee, tea and a few finger food during break hours and some provide a buffet. (This depends on the number of guests and budget). Caterers can easily be contacted and hired to save time and money instead of preparing them in-house. They will also be in charge of cleaning up after the event.  
  7. Entertainment. What kind of entertainment will the event need (if any)? It might be nice to have a live Jazz playing at a wedding or a DJ for a company party. Make sure the entertainment chosen is appropriate for the event.  
  8. Souvenirs. Some events like to give out souvenirs to their guests to remind them of the event or as a ”thank you” gift for attending. They can also be a kind of advertisement or PR for the company or service i.e. pens and paper pads with the company logo of the venue or sponsor of the event are given out during a conference.  

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Each requires deeper planning with a lot more details. These tips will only get the basic planning started and moving in the right direction, but planning everything alone can be too overwhelming and details will be forgotten or overlooked. It is also a good idea to hire event staff from a company to run the event after the planning has been made. Let the professional handle the hard stuff. They are the expert in what they do best and they can make their client’s event go smoothly without a glitch.