A Guide to Getting Your Laundry Done in Thailand

If you are travelling around Thailand or have recently moved there and don’t quite know the ropes one thing you will quickly have to consider is doing your laundry. Now we can put it off a little while maybe by buying some new, cheaper clothing but at some point you’re going to have to do it. Unless you can speak (and read) Thai this simple task can become somewhat confusing. Fortunately, one thing you do not have to fear is the number of options available to you. Once you’ve found some places it will become a choice and if you’re in the capital Bangkok, then in some parts you will struggle to walk 100 yards without seeing one.



One option you always have is to simply do it yourself. A lot of apartments and condos will come with either washing machines in individual rooms or a communal washroom with machines which will be very inexpensive to use. If you don’t have a hanging rack on the balcony, then get one and just hang up your clothes yourself. The weather conditions in Thailand, at least in the dry season will dry out your clothes in no time. You might want to invest in an iron if you do this but these will be easily available at larger department stores and supermarkets.

Laundry Shops


You will see lots of little laundry shops around anywhere there are people living. They often have glass fronts so even if you can’t read the sign you can see inside and it will be obviously apparent what it is. They will charge you buy weight or buy item. Take this into consideration when choosing a shop to use when presented with options. If you are washing large numbers of small items such as underwear or swimming trunks you could be getting less of a good deal when paying per item. Something to note – some laundry shops are not happy to wash underwear at all. Whilst this is uncommon it can happen.

Hotel Laundry


The hotel or resort you could be staying might well provide laundry services. In cheaper accommodation such as hostels etc. though this may not be the case. Make sure you check the prices beforehand because more expensive hotels will often charge more accordingly. One advantage of this service is that many hotels have a widespread understanding of English so if communication is a worry then this is helpful.



It seems like you can get almost anything delivered in Bangkok. There are now services who, when you need to do laundry in Bangkok can come to your house pick it up, wash it and return it at a selected date and time. You don’t even have to leave the house. This is the least widespread type of laundry service on offer but very convenient and hassle-free.