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Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special with Bespoke Wedding Rings 

Wedding days are all about giving; the bride is given away to the groom, guests are given a fantastic meal and party for attending your special day, the happy couple is given gifts and well wishes from their loved ones, the list could go on.  But the most important giving that occurs on a wedding day is the devotion that the happy couple gives to each other, and everything else is there to celebrate this gift.  Every aspect of your wedding day should be in celebration of the gift of self that you and your partner are giving each other and as such there should be plenty of special things throughout the day to highlight this.  Of course, there is such a thing as overindulgence and the key to a wedding theme is tastefulness and subtilty, even if some people don’t get that memo.  Regardless, some of the most important and special items from a wedding day are the wedding rings themselves.  These two small items of jewellery collectively symbolise your union and the strength you provide each other.  You will wear these rings for the rest of your lives together and that is something truly special and as such, it should be celebrated.

Having eyes only for you

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There are countless beautiful wedding rings for both all genders that are available off the shelf, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying one of these if you fall in love with it.  However, if you find yourselves constantly being left with that ‘almost, but not quite right’ feeling, then perhaps you should consider commissioning a pair of bespoke wedding rings for you and your loved one.  Providing each other with something unique is a beautiful way to embark on your married journey together and if you take the time to discuss your ideas with the expert designers at a company, then you can have something that perfectly expresses you and your significant other.

A wonderful surprise

There is a slightly old fashioned notion that only a man should buy a bespoke wedding ring for his wife as a surprise; this is an incredibly outdated sentiment.  There is no reason that both partners in a marriage should have a bespoke ring that speaks volumes about them and their partner, gender is irrelevant.  If the element of surprise is a tempting one, then why not both work with a designer separately, the designer will be able to guide your decision making subtly enough so as not to give away what your partner has designed for you, but also to ensure that the rings complement each other.  Imagine the joy you will both feel when you come to say your vows and see the unique ring your partner has designed, just for you.  As you stand there in front of your family and friends, celebrating your love, you will know that the rings you now wear and not only unique but uniquely yours as a couple – till death do us part.

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