Maximize Your Company’s Branding 

Brand building is just as important as a marketing strategy and product/service itself. Company branding will create the company’s image and how the company wants to be viewed by everyone else. Branding can also affect how much a product or service provided by the company will be priced.

Branding goes a long way from a company name, logo, ads and POP (point of purchase) to name a few. The color(s) of the logo or even the office will also contribute to branding. It is always best to make sure everything is aligned with the company’s vision. And remember that more exposure means you reach more customers or possible customers.


There are many different types and method of branding. Here are a few that can be used as a guide to maximizing your company’s branding: 

      1. Create a higher value and experience for your customers. When a customer buys your product or your service, they should receive more than just the product or service itself. It could be a good after-sales client service. Once they have given you their money, you do not forget them. They get more than what they have paid for. Good branding will also give them that special “experience” when they make a purchase. It could be an experience of as simple as serving hot tea while they browse through your shop. It could also be a feeling of pride by wearing or carrying your product. Someone who is carrying a high-end brand name bag will have a different experience than those who do not see the necessity of buying such an expensive bag. But for those who do, it gives them a sense of social status and pride. This type of experience is more than what their money can buy.


      1. Be relatable. Try walking in your clients’ shoes. Relate to their daily life and feelings. Make your audience feel like you know how they feel and what they need. The more you can relate to them, the better it is as people will always gravitate towards something that is familiar to them. Pricing is also a factor in being relatable. Does your pricing relate to your target market? Is it suitable and “reachable”? Make sure your pricing is not too high that it scares your customers neither too cheap that may give the impression of unreliability.


      1. Innovative branding visuals. Expand throughout all media like TV ads, billboards, event banners, and even merchandise. It will be advisable to hire signwriters like Graffiti Stickers to give you more creative ideas on how you can further establish branding visually using different methods and media. Otherwise, they can offer services as simple as printing and graphic design.


      1. Give back. Even though your business might not be a non-profit, it is always good to give back to your community or to a charity your company supports. It creates goodwill and shows positive social responsibility.