Travel in Style 

A road trip can be an exciting adventure and is a good chance for family members and friends to bond and enjoy together. However, very long road trips can have disadvantages, like achy bodies, less than ideal nutrition, and exhaustion. In order to help combat these challenges, consider the following tips to keep yourself feeling comfortable, rested, hydrated and entertained when you’re on the road.

      1. Take time to prepare for the trip

Prepare small comforts like travel/neck pillows and blankets to bring. Choose blankets that can fit easily in the car and be folded up and put away easily.  

To keep passengers distracted and entertained, reading materials, games, devices and so on could also be brought along. Plan for stops ahead of time so achy muscles could be stretched and stimulate blood circulation.  

  Prepare a list of things to be packed in large travel bags or packs that could be tied up on top of the vehicle roof. Those items that would be needed while travelling should be packed separately in small comfort packs so there wouldn’t be a need to stop and open the large travel bags. They could include a travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste, a lip balm, hand lotion, a mini hand sanitiser, body wipes, soft tissues, facial cleansing towelettes, earbuds for listening to music or watching movies, eyeglasses/sunglasses, any medications (including anti-nausea ones), snacks, a pen/pencil and a small notepad. A basic first-aid kit and a plastic cup or bag would also be useful for motion sickness.. 

To stay hydrated during the trip, plan to bring along a cooler or a small fridge that could hold ice packs and bottles of water.

strong>        2. How to be comfortable on a long car ride

Wear loose-fitting pants and shirts. Bring a few layers to allow adjustment to any temperature in case other passengers may want the car to be colder or warmer. Wear soft socks and shoes. If travelling to a much colder climate, bring mittens, a coat and a warm hat. 

Prop up a travel pillow against the window and lean on it, put it behind the head or put it between the lower back and the seat to support the spine and prevent back pain. Keep the head back against the headrest. 

To remove the feeling of stickiness, freshen up with pre-moistened body wipes. Bring the wipes at rest stops for a more thorough wipe in a bathroom. 

Reduce stress with simple deep-breathing exercises. Inhale slowly through the nose up to the count of five. Then exhale slowly through the mouth up to the count of five. Repeat. Do this for a few minutes at a time. 

Read, listen to music or watch a movie. Keep the volume reasonable. Come up with a system of rotation with fellow passengers, allowing everyone a chance to play whatever they want during their “turn”. 

Use a notepad or a blank notebook for sketching, writing journal entries, making lists, taking notes, and so on. 

Play games that could be played alone, like crossword puzzles and Sudoku, or play, with other passengers, board games, cards or games that require no props. 

Move around and switch positions to prevent aches and pains. Pump the ankles and move the arms around to improve blood flow.

      3. strong>Choose your vehicle

For a long road trip, riding in a vehicle with ample space that would not cramp passengers and luggage together would be comfortable. What would be ideal, however, is a vehicle that could hold light and bulky items on top of the vehicle, a space for the cooler or fridge so that its contents are easily accessible during rest stops, curtains to hold off sunlight, a smooth sound system, a TV and etc. You will find online stores specifically for this type of travelling and make it not just comfortable but also quite stylish.