What are the pros and cons of plantation shutters? Why are plantation shutters so expensive is there a cheap alternative?

With many homes all over Australia turning to plantation shutters to cover their windows, many people are asking if they should do the same. With so many options out there it can be difficult to know what the right choice is for you, so here we will go through a few of the pros and cons of plantation shutters and what sort of alternatives there may be out there so you can decide for yourself if these shutters are the right fit for your home. 

What are the pros of plantation shutters?

There are many pros to plantation shutters, allowing you both privacy and light, helping with maintaining temperatures, and bringing a touch of class to your house. 

First used in Ancient Greece and a recognised feature of homes in the American South, plantation shutters are fantastic for keeping your house cool in hot months and keeping the heat in during the colder ones. This in turn can help to reduce the cost of your heating over time and save you money. 

While there are many different materials to choose from with different levels of insulation, the slats in each ensure that light can permeate the room without the direct heat of the sun, unlike curtains or blinds which would require either light and heat or dimness and shade.

Shutters are also simple and speedy to open and close, while blinds can so often end up stuck, requiring that you stand at a certain angle or left with one side higher than the other. As long as you have a quality product from a great place like Perth’s Boutique Plantation Shutters, they will not only be easier to use but look better too.

Plantation shutters are so popular because they make your house look classy and luxurious but also feel like home. Whether you go for a traditional timber or a more modern PVC shutter the final product will look good, aid in reducing heating and cooling bills, and give you privacy and light. All great reasons to go with shutters. 

What are the cons of plantation shutters?

While the pros are manifold, there are cons to using plantation shutters, and particularly to using inferior ones on your property. Some won’t last as long, can warp, suffer in too much sun or damp and cost a fair bit too. It is important to check that you are getting the right kind of shutters and at the right standard too. 

If your shutters do not have UV protection they can warp or turn yellow in the sun, entirely ruining your aesthetic. Some are not moisture resistant and can similarly warp in the damp in rooms like your bathroom. 

It is important to care for your shutters if you want them to last, and if they don’t last long and have to be replaced this can be difficult, costly, and make the initial expense less worthwhile. Again it is important if you are going for shutters to choose the right ones so that they last longer and you get all the pros without the cons.

Why are plantation shutters so expensive?

That plantation shutters are more expensive than some of your other window options is true, but this is because they are the superior option. 

Considered a permanent fixture of the house once put in they can add to your home’s value, make the place look good, and are made to last. The cost does vary depending on the materials used so they can be very expensive, but these days you can also get affordable PVC plantation shutters that look fantastic. 

There are also labour costs on top of the materials but once they are set up they are there to stay.

Is there a cheap alternative to plantation shutters?

There are many options if you think plantation shutters are not for you, with lots of types of blinds, interior shutters, and other window treatments. Wooden blinds can be a good choice, still giving that nice woody feel, and interior shutters too can offer something of the shutter feel without breaking the bank.

However, if you like plantation shutters but are put off by the cost, PVC shutters are usually cheaper than timber and can be superior, particularly in laundry rooms and bathrooms with moisture-rich atmospheres. Have a look and see how affordable they can be.


There are both pros and cons to plantation shutters but there are also many types and styles to suit each house and more affordable options that still lend a luxurious touch to your home.