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What Tea Should You Drink Every Day and Why You Should Not Drink Milk Tea?

There’s nothing quite like a nice cuppa tea in the morning, right? Such a wonderful way to start the day. But it’s not just a morning beverage. In fact, a cold winter evening can be made bearable with a hot cup of tea to get you through it. Tea is also a great beverage in a crisis. Is your friend going through a difficult break-up? Invite them over for a pot of tea and have them pour their heart out as your pour them a delicious cup of tea. Tea is awesome. We love tea! 

But, what tea should you be drinking every day? Are there benefits of doing so? Is there such a thing as too much tea? And are you better off drinking your tea without milk? We will answer these questions and more as we explore the wonderful beverage even further. Let’s take a closer look…

What tea should you drink every day? 

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When it comes to drinking tea, you can enjoy the beverage on a daily basis without suffering any side effects. It’s all about moderation however. If you drink nothing but tea from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to bed, you are going to have a difficult time. In fact, drinking an excessive amount of tea can lead to anxiety issues, headaches, undue stress, dizziness, and a number of other ailments. But don’t let that put you off! Again, you can drink tea on a daily basis without suffering any negative side effects, you just have to limit your intake to a reasonable amount. 

And of course, there are certain teas that are better than others. For example: drinking a green tea or an Oolong tea (which provides the benefits of both green tea and black tea) is perfectly healthy. In fact, having a few cups of black tea, green tea, or Oolong on a daily basis can be great for your health! 

You should however, try to avoid drinking too many cups of herbal tea. Aside from ginger, hibiscus, and peppermint, which have been scientifically proven to provide a number of health benefits, there isn’t much research surrounding many of the other herbal teas available on the market today. That’s not to say that it is unsafe to enjoy the occasional herbal tea, but again, moderation is everything! 

If you truly want to satiate your tea fixation, then stick with a nice cup of black tea, a green tea, or some Oolong. In fact, white tea is also very good for you too! So many varieties! 

The important thing however, is that you buy high quality tea. Since you shouldn’t be going overboard with your dosage, it just as well be the best of the best, right? 

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Why should you not drink milk with your tea? 

Macrobiotic Health indicates that milk in tea makes the beverage acidic. The tea is packed with potent antioxidants named catechins and epicatechins which are great for your health. However, when you add milk, it reduces the antioxidants significantly, turning your otherwise healthy beverage into a source of acidity and inflammation. 

OK, so this isn’t an absolute no-no! Yes, you can enjoy the occasional cup of tea with milk, but honestly, you are far better off drinking black tea. Not only is it the superior way to have your tea, but it also comes with a number of health benefits as well. 

Not only is black tea irrefutably delicious in its many varieties, the health advantages provided include: weight loss, battling diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and much more. That being said—again, as we will continue to repeat throughout this article—it’s all about dosage. 

You see, black tea does have a small amount of fluoride content in it. However, this isn’t enough to cause you any harm, even if you were to go ahead and drink a dozen cups of black tea a day. Although…if you were to consume a gallon of black tea a day, and you continued to do this over the course of several decades, you will suffer for it in the long run. In fact, one 47-year-old woman did exactly that and after 17 years, she had brittle bones and had to have all of her teeth removed as a result. 

Of course, this is taking it to the extreme! So, a few cups of black tea a day isn’t going to land you in her situation. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the refreshing beverage and its many health benefits. 

The Takeaway 

Enjoy your tea but drink it in moderation. Avoid drinking milk in your tea as often as possible. And again, invest in high quality tea, rather than the cheap rubbish. Tea is a delicious beverage that must be enjoyed properly. If you’d like to get your hands on some of the best tea in Camden, Australia, you should check out Brookfield House. In any case, just be careful with your dosages and try not to abuse it!