Pressure Washer


We all know the benefits of using a pressure washer. Whether it’s for domestic or commercial purposes, their versatility and ease of use has seen them become must-have items. However, they are like all types of machinery in that they need to be used appropriately and safely. They can potentially cause a lot of damage to property and individuals if not handled carefully and they will also degrade rapidly if they are not maintained properly. Whether you already own one or are looking to buy pressure washers online, you should check some of these valuable tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your washer as well as running them safely.

Only Use the Recommended Cleaning Products

Pressure washers work much more effectively when used with detergents. However, these are made up of a mixture of chemicals and they can vary greatly. It is very important that you only use the products recommended for use with the washer as stated in its instructions. Don’t think you are being conned into buying a product as determined by the manufacturer to suit their purposes as they know what it is designed to run on without causing any damage to the machinery. Sometimes a penny wise can prove a pound foolish and the money you might save on buying a cheap detergent might come back to haunt you as you have to fork out on extensive repairs or even a replacement washer. Check which detergents are recommended for specific jobs too as you will struggle to clean some surfaces with certain products and you could even damage something by cleaning it with the wrong type of cleaning fluid.

Lube the Connectors

O-rings inside of pressure washers degrade over time. However, this can be mitigated by applying lube to them appropriately at regular intervals. If the O-rings get damaged, then hoses will not connect properly and this will hamper the quality of a pressure washer’s performance. You can oil them to help with this but as oil will be washed away by the water is better to use something like plumber’s grease which will not be washed away by water and it is designed to be used with O-rings. Keep applying this lube to the O-rings anytime they appear to have dried up to eliminate any unnecessary replacements.

Don’t Place Them near Damageable Surfaces

If you are running a gas powered pressure washer you need to be mindful of where you place them whilst they are in use. The exhaust will be pouring out hot fumes and the motor itself will reach very high temperatures during use and for a considerable period of time afterwards. If the pressure washer is near to a surface which could potentially melt or warp when exposed to temperatures, then you are asking for trouble. Imagine completing the job and then looking back to see you have done irreparable damage to your garage door or a vinyl wall covering. Not only that but this could actually start a fire. Alongside this, never use a gas powered washer in any sort of enclosed area. Keep it well away from the area you are working in, otherwise you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.