Are you ready to celebrate this stunning annual event? It’s time to promote the value of pride and self-expression. It’s the time to be whoever you are and join a myriad of fabulous people as they assemble for trumpeting a feather in one’s cap and general merriment at the heart of Gay and Lesbian territory in Sydney.

A Truly Global Event for Gay Men and Women

The gay annual event, in Sydney, the Mardi Gras Gay Pride 2016, will be celebrated again soon in the first quarter of this year. The event is actually one of the most famous and colourful festivals in Australia, which captivates thousands of spectators from all over the world to join the parade each year. Sydney Mardi Gras is a perfect integration of passion and self-confidence – whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender you can walk publicly hand in hand at this world’s largest gay parade.

The actual core message of the fun and reverberant festival is for people to publically manifest their pride in being whoever they are through diversity, solidarity, visibility and global acceptance. Proudly raising and waving rainbow flags are an expression of this triumphal glory.

What’s on the Street

Dazzling and glittering! Get ready for some jaw-dropping surroundings with some of the most attractively decorated parades and a variety of performances along the main street of Sydney. The march passes across almost six kilometres, along the Oxford and Flinders streets. Every year, you will be amazed by a lot of creative buzz with shows which include brass bands, music-pumping floats, dancing boys and girls, body painting, naked comedians and many more colourful sights such as rainbow embellishments and painted streets.

Let’s see what the special theme will be represented this year. The event will no doubt be covered with Mardi Gras event banners so you won’t be able to miss it. It might be your most unforgettable celebration of the year. Imagine fabulous participants appearing in fancy dress and magnificent costumes and a large number of people gathering on the sidewalks cheering and acclaiming their success and pride.

Also, you can soak up and enjoy the iconic atmospheres of Sydney and New South Wales where the Sydney Mardi Gras Gay Pride takes place.

The Night Party

After enjoying the daytime parade, it’s time to move to one of the world’s biggest Gay parties – the Mardi Gras Party. This magical night feast is a party to end all parties with over ten thousand attendants throughout the night. There will be a memorable and impressive night of dancing and joy within one of the world’s most famous parties.