So What’s So Good About Being a Lawyer?

If you have been considering a career as a lawyer but haven’t yet fully decided, you will likely be weighing up all of your options before committing to it. It is certainly not a job undertaken lightly and will demand a lot of hard work and long hours. It can be mentally and physically rigorous this much is true but do the cons outweigh the pros? There are an awful lot of perks becoming a lawyer too.


lawyerMore so than most jobs, a career as a lawyer holds an element of prestige and standing. It can open up further networks with higher echelons of people than you might ordinarily expect to meet. Your job will also be viewed upon very favourably with regards to obtaining credit and loans etc. It is also fair to say that you should hope to lead a very reasonable standard of life due to the…

Financial Possibilities

Whilst the range in salaries from top to bottom is quite vast you would expect to be earning above the average wage, at worst. There are many opportunities within law to reach a very admirable salary and quickly. Larger firms will tend to pay even higher. If you pursue a career in law and succeed, then you can really hope to be set up well for the rest of your life.

Diverse Job

The range of scope within law is vast. There are so many paths to follow and specialisms which you can choose to take that will make your own skill pool bigger. Having diversity will keep the career interesting over the years to come and can lead to the need to learn entirely new fields of knowledge and so will be mentally rewarding. As you work more within other areas you will then be able to present yourself for a potentially higher paid and wider range of work.


Even if you don’t want to remain as a lawyer you will still be able to find another suitable job reasonably quickly. Due to the mix of skills, responsibilities and image you will have there shouldn’t be problems moving smoothly into another career. Whilst some jobs can be so specialised that upon leaving you are left at the bottom of the pecking order for many other careers, having been a lawyer will stand you in good stead.

Able to Make a Difference

Make a DifferenceThere are not many jobs in life which allow you to change something in someone else’s. You will be put in numerous situations where you can help somebody from becoming a victim of injustice or ensure that somebody who should be sentenced has been. You have a lot of power and can make sweeping changes to people’s lives, there aren’t many careers that can claim that. In fact, professional lawyers can even maintain the good of the land and the people and at the highest levels can have a say over even the government.