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What is commercial carpet cleaning? How often should a commercial carpet be deep cleaned?

Carpets are arguably one of the best choices for your flooring, whether you are looking at options for your home or a commercial property. Carpets add warmth to a room, both literally as they give you something nice to walk on, and in the sense of making the area look and feel cosier and more welcoming. A clean, beautiful carpet can tie a space together.

However, a dirty or unclean carpet can give a very different impression. Keeping your carpet clean is essential in your home, but arguably even more so in a commercial building. Read on to discover what commercial carpet cleaning is, and why it is so important for your business…

What is commercial carpet cleaning?

Commercial carpet cleaning, much as it sounds, is the process of cleaning carpets in commercial buildings. These include restaurants, offices, shops, hotels, bars, and other businesses that may have carpets on the floor. In many places such as these, your carpets will experience more foot traffic, more stains, and more wear and tear than the carpets in your home.

They will therefore require a more thorough cleaning, and more often, than carpets that are less well used. Commercial carpet cleaning involves vacuuming, scrubbing, and deep cleaning the carpets in your commercial building, in order to ensure that they are as clean as can be. All dust, dirt, stains, and debris should be removed, leaving your carpet looking spotless, and feeling clean.

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The best commercial carpet cleaners will utilise all of the tools at their disposal to leave your carpets looking as good as new. Since commercial carpets usually need to be cleaned properly more often than residential carpets, you may also need to be careful how you clean them. Harsh chemicals may work to keep your carpets sanitary, and yet they may also damage your carpets when used too often.

By hiring professional commercial carpet cleaners, you can ensure that your carpets will be cleaned to the highest standards, and without causing unnecessary aging and wear. 

How should you clean your commercial carpets?

Commercial carpet cleaning is not a matter of whipping a hoover around, or even snapping on a pair of disposable gloves and scrubbing at a stubborn stain. These are absolutely required much like with any carpet, but when it comes to your commercial property, you have a higher level of obligation to keep your carpets clean.

Dust and dirt get trapped in carpets, making them look and feel dirty, but also pose a health risk. Many people have allergies to dust, animal hair, and other substances that can clog up your carpets. Thoroughly removing these allergens is essential for all commercial properties, especially places like restaurants where people eat.

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Keeping a clean carpet in your home is of course essential, but keeping a clean carpet in your commercial property can be a matter of public health. A dirty or unsanitary carpet could pose a health risk. It could also negatively impact your reputation. No one wants to stay at a hotel that looks unclean or work in an office where your feet stick to the floor.

Commercial carpet cleaning involves both everyday and deeper cleaning to keep your carpets looking great. As well as maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Commercial carpet cleaning includes jobs such as:

  • Vacuuming – usually this will occur daily or nightly depending on the kind of commercial property that you have. Vacuuming is necessary to remove dirt and debris, but it is not usually enough to thoroughly clean your commercial carpet by itself. Commercial cleaners will often use industrial-strength vacuums to do a better job than your run-of-the-mill household Henry Hoover.
  • Carpet shampooing – carpet shampooing can be an excellent way to keep your carpet clean. It works to remove stains and mess much like you would wash your own hair, first scrubbing away the dirt, and then rinsing to leave a clean carpet behind. This can, however, be a time-consuming process, and can leave your carpet overly damp.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – this method of carpet cleaning doesn’t use as much water as other methods, but rather uses foam or other low-moisture substances to clean your floors. They absorb the dirt in your carpets before being scrubbed or vacuumed up.
  • Steam cleaning – one of the most popular ways to clean your carpet, steam cleaning uses hot water and cleaning agents to break down the dirt and stains in your carpet. Once this has occurred, a high-strength vacuum is used to suck up the water and dirt, leaving your carpets clean.

How often should a commercial carpet be deep cleaned?

Laundry personnel cleaning carpet with special equipment. Young worker on his knees cleaning carpet.

How often you should deep clean your commercial carpet will vary based on a number of factors. The amount of foot traffic will play a role, with well-travelled areas requiring more cleaning than those where few people tread. The kind of business you are in can also make a big difference, as a restaurant where food and drink are being spilt will need more cleaning than a quiet office.

The amount of dirt, dust, and debris that your carpet gets covered in will naturally determine how often you need to clean your carpet. If it is in a seldom-used area where dust is the biggest issue, once a year may suffice for deep cleaning.

If, however, your carpet is in a heavily travelled area where stains are common and dirt is more likely to be trekked in, you may need to deep clean it once a month. On average, every 3 months is a good rule of thumb to keep your carpets looking their best. Deep cleaning will not only sanitise your carpets but also help to extend their lifespan, saving you money in the future.

Final thoughts

Commercial carpets often experience more wear and tear, and get dirtier, than a carpet in your home. As such, they require professional cleaning routinely to stay looking their best and to ensure that you are in line with all the health and safety standards required for your business. 

If your carpets are looking a little shabby, dusty, or dirty, that will speak volumes for your commercial property and the business that you run. Don’t let a dirty carpet speak for you, hire a professional commercial cleaning company to have them looking spotless in no time at all.